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    West Java Customs Foil Thousand Bottles of Mixed Liquor


    BANDUNG- Customs of West Java to take action against illegal taxable goods in the form of Drinks Containing Ethyl Alcohol (MMEA) in a house in Bojongsoang District, Bandung Regency.

    Head of Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs of West Java, Syaefullah Nasution explained in the disclosure that his side managed to secure evidence of 3,752 bottles of beverages containing ethyl alhokol class B various brands. In addition, there are 2,085 MMEA excavation ribbons allegedly used, and one car.

    Customs also secures the production equipment or equipment for making or mixing MMEA along with raw materials and auxiliary materials for making MMEA. "From the disclosure was secured a woman with initials TR aged 43 years and has been determined to be a suspect," said Syaefullah told reporters in Bandung, Monday (19/2/2018).

    Syaefullah said the suspect did not act alone but assisted by three other people who are still at large. The offender initially bought a bottle of alcohol and then dioplos. "Illegal business that has lasted four months since October 2017," he said.

    Whereas, the perpetrator mode buys the official manufacturer MMEA, then applies it by comparison of one original bottle to three bottles of oplosan by adding alcohol, methanol, caramel, artificial sweetener, white sugar, brown sugar, ginger food coloring and other materials.

    "The results of oplosan then packed in a bottle by using etiquette that is identical with similar brands of official factory production," he said.

    For his actions, the suspect snared article 50, 54, and 55 Act no. 39 of 2007 on excise with a maximum penalty of eight years imprisonment. "The suspect was also charged a fine of 20 times the debt that arises," he concluded.

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