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    Many Challenges of Transportation Infrastructure Development in Indonesia


    BANDUNG Not all infrastructure development can solve the problems of transportation in the country especially if it is built without heeding the environment and sustainability.

    Infrastructure expert in transportation from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Prof. Ade Sjafruddin said that transportation problems in the country not only build roads, but also must pay attention to public and environmental habits in the use of public transportation. For example, the condition of highways in the city of Jakarta and Bandung is dominated by private vehicles and large trucks carrying goods.

    In his scientific oration entitled "Development of Sustainable Area Transport for Improving National Economic Competitiveness", it is mentioned that the current and future transportation policy development policy issue is how each country plays its role in a sustainable transport frame.

    According to him, the idea of ??developing sustainable transportation is essential to the problem of sustainable development. This discourse is based on the concerns of the interaction between transportation and the environment.

    "The quality of the environment is also heavily influenced by transportation activities that will continuously accumulate over time, to arouse the attention of many that there is something 'wrong' in determining policy and planning. It needs different glasses in the transportation infrastructure management practices according to community needs in order to carry out its activities, "said Ade.

    Therefore, in order for sustainable development, it is necessary to assess not only the infrastructure but also the impact on the environment, such as public transport passengers in some cities.

    Because each city has different problems and specific according to the culture and the surrounding environment. By focusing on regional and inter-city transportation research, Prof. Ade who currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FTSL) ITB, participated in various national infrastructure development projects by modeling the demand (transportation) and network (network provider) of inter-city transportation problems and fluctuations over time.

    "Certainly in the national context the challenges facing this country are huge, considering Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and more than 240 million people," Ade said.

    Other problems facing sustainable transportation development are region-specific conditions, such as geography, geology, tropical climate, socio-cultural economy, land-environment characteristics, earthquake risk, flooding, global warming and climate change.

    Transportation planning The region also can not be separated from aspects such as population growth and urbanization, the development of urban forms, the development of types of activities or land-use, deconcentration policy of regional functions and regional autonomy, and economic growth is higher.

    Prof. Ade hopes that transport sessions can develop more city transportation such as trains. "The transportation system in the future must build a lot of railways and ports are good, and more importantly the operating system," he concluded, last week. jo

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