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    KTKLN Should Be Removed From The Bill PPILN


    BANDUNG - Bill (RUU) of Protection to Indonesian Workers Abroad (PPILN) should be able to provide services to Indonesian workers abroad. It is based on the principle of safety, quick, easy, and inexpensive. Therefore, the PKS faction of Parliament encourage the creation of component costs placement are cheap and affordable, and also rejecting the existence of ineffective bureaucracy.

    "One of these components is the Overseas Workers Card (KTKLN), which is polemical for Indonesian workers abroad. These components must be removed from the bill of PPILN,” said Member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives from PKS faction, Chairul Anwar in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (16/8)

    The bill PPILN is a manifestation of the state presence in protect Indonesian workers abroad. Therefore, acceleration PPILN discussion of the bill should be a priority to protect the Indonesian people wherever they are. PPILN bill should be able to prioritize aspects of the protection to Indonesian workers abroad, both aspects of social security and human rights.

    During this time, related to regulations of Indonesian workers abroad are already contained in Law No. 39 of 2004. However, this is considered ineffective in answering the question of Indonesian workers abroad, either during the pre-placement, placement period, and post-placement. Weak system of protection to Indonesian workers abroad opens up opportunities for the practice of human trafficking.

    Anwar stated that the condition able to open opportunities for Indonesian workers abroad become victims of exploitation, as well as increasing cases violence that mostly experienced by women workers.


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