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    Dismissal Sanction for civil Servants Involved Election


    BANDUNG, - Government Regulation No. 53/2010 concerning Employee Displant mentions, for Civil Servant (PNS) or State Civil Apparatus (ASN) which gives support to Candidate Head of Region or Deputy Head of Region, by using facility related to position in activity the campaign is threatened with severe disciplinary punishment from demotion to dismissal not at its own request.

    Head of Ombudsman RI West Java Representative, Haneda Sri Lastoto said, for ASN that leads to the alignment of candidate pairs who become participants in the election before, during and after the campaign is threatened with disciplinary punishment in the form of periodic salary increases until postponement of rank.

    "For civil servants who provide support kepasa candidate pair by using the facilities of his position will be subject to sanctions dropped the job even fired," said Haneda told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (17/2/2018)

    Ombudsman Representative of West Java Province reminded ASN to remain neutral during elections 2018 simultaneously which took place in 16 districts / cities of West Java.

    Law No. 5 of 2014 on ASN Article 2 Letter (f) has stated that one of the principles of the implementation of ASN management policy is the principle of neutrality.

    "This means that every ASN employee does not take sides from any form of influence and does not take sides in the interests of anyone," said Haneda

    He believes that the supervisory system built now is no longer possible for ASNs that are found to be involved in supporting one candidate to circumvent. Whether it is through the motive of positions that will be obtained if the nominated Regional Head candidate is elected or other material motives.

    In addition, Government Regulation No. 42/2004 on Corps Maintenance and Code of Ethics in Article 11 (c) states that in the case of ethics to self, civil servants are required to avoid conflicts of personal, group or group interests.

    "People are starting to critically look at the phenomenon both from internal government employees and the wider community", said Haneda.

    Previously, the West Java Election Commission has declared the campaign stages starting from February 15, 2018 to June 23, 2018 or for 129 days.

    For that, Haneda reminded that ASN remain focused on public services held in their respective regions.

    "Do not be tempted by the promise of office because it is dangerous," he concluded

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