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    Netty Invites Society Preventing Cancer


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan said that health is a condition where the physical, mental, spiritual and social functioning properly so it’s enable people to live productive in socially and economically as mandated by the Consti-tution No. 36 of 2009.

    "Therefore, health must be sought from ourselves in preventing than the curing. Moreo-ver, with the development of degenerative diseases begin to appear, such as cancer, es-pecially breast cancer and cervical cancer for women,” said Netty while attending the World Cancer Day 2016 organised by the Indonesian Cancer Foundation in Economics Bank Parking in CFD Dago on Sunday (02/14/16).

    Betty invited people to doing exercise and also following the movement of CERDIK for physical and spiritual health. CERDIK consists of periodic health checks, get rid of ciga-rette smoke, doing exercise, balanced diet, plenty of rest and controlling stress, and also doing SADAR (Breast Sasar, Papsmear and IVA Methods).

    This activity ranked with the socialisation of the dangers and prevention of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer for women, leisurely walk along Dago street, morning gymnastics and fundraising through the bazaar for building homes to people with cancer. This event was attended by the Head of Health Department West Java Province Alma Luchyati, Indonesia Cancer Foundation Chairman Siti Oded, Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation West Java Branch Diah Poerwanti, and Director of the Sentosa Hospital Tami Siarif.

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