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    Long Weekend Holiday, Train is Very Demanded


    BANDUNG - A long holiday that begins with Lunar New Year on Friday (16/02) is widely used by people to travel by train. All trains to all destinations on average are already full with 100% reach rate. Thus disclosed Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Regional Operation 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus.

    "The trains of Yogya, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Cirebon, Semarang, and Jakarta have an average of 100% of the load. Until today, Thursday (15/02) based on the data there are still some train tickets are still available such as KA Argo Wilis and KA Turangga. But the movement is very dynamic so I told the people who will go by train to immediately make an order before running out, "said Joni.

    According to Joni, trains to date are always in demand by the public as a means to travel. This is evidenced by the continuous plus of travel to Jakarta. During February, PT KAI Daop 2 added 6 trips to Argo Parahyangan train so that the total trip from Bandung to Jakarta became 13 times. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional operates daily and special on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there are five additional trips at 04.15, 07.35, 11.00, 14.05, 15.25 (Saturday and Sunday only), and 22.30 (Friday only).

    Here is the schedule KA Argo Parahyangan relations Bandung - Jakarta special in February:
    1. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 04.15 (runs daily);
    2. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 07.35 (runs every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and special on Thursday 15 February 2018);
    3. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 11.00 (runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday);
    4. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 14.05 (runs daily);
    5. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 15.25 (runs every Saturday and Sunday);
    6. KA Argo Parahyangan Additional at 22.30 (runs every Friday, Thursday 15 February, Saturday 17 February, Sunday 18 February, and Sunday 25 February).

    Joni advised that the public immediately make a booking ticket if travel plans by train is ripe.

    "Because we have opened ticket reservations 90 days before departure. So anticipate to run out of tickets should immediately do the order if the plan is cooked, "he added.

    Booking train tickets can be done at outlets that are already working with PT KAI or can through online ordering. In fact, there is a special ticket booking application that has been provided PT KAI and can be downloaded in appstore or playstore. The application is named KAI Access. (Even)

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