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    ITB Accept the ArcSIG License Grant from ESRI Indonesia


    BANDUNG - Learning the location on space on earth is one important factor that can not be separated from human life. Human decision to stay or not in a location, mostly has relevance to the geographical aspects.

    For example when Mount Merapi erupted in October 2010 then. Villagers on the slopes of Mount Merapi inevitably have to evacuate to save themselves and avoid the occurrence of subsequent eruptions. Of course, casualties can be avoided if residents have been informed or warned before the eruption.

    Experts in this regard have an important role to create or update geographical maps for analysis as well as preventive measures in the event of another eruption. Which areas are worst affected? Where did the lava flow? Where is the nearest unit that can respond to the disaster? To answer it requires a detailed geographical mapping, and that is certainly not an easy matter. This is where the system is needed by humans.

    ArcSIG for Geographic Information System (GIS) Geographic Information System helps experts to get the geographic map. The creation of such a system requires coding of programmers, ranging from big data mining, processing table-based spatial data, to becoming a geographic service map that can be understood by the user. Applications to create such Geographic Information System are ArcSIG software.

    Geographic Information System (GIS) is widely used for various purposes, not only displays the potential map of the area that will be affected by natural disasters, but also congestion maps, population distribution maps, including maps of transportation routes, and maps for various analytical data big data.

    "ITB students should be grateful to get the ArcSIG genuine license, a software made by Esri Indonesia that is useful to process spatial data that is needed by students and academic staff of ITB," said Rector ITB Kadarsyah in press release of ITB Public Relation, Thursday (15/2) .

    Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with ESRI Indonesia. Esri Indonesia, a leading geographic information technology based software company, also signed a memorandum of understanding with ITB in the West Hall that day.

     "This program is suitable for use in Indonesia which is also a spatial country. Hopefully this MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) becomes an acceleration point for ITB in the field of geospatial, "said Achmad Istamar, CEO of Esri Indonesia, when giving a speech. Jo

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