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    Non-Cash Social Aid Encourages the Inclusive Finance Index


    BANDUNG - Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Idrus Marham is optimistic that non-cash social assistance (bansos) effectively encourages the acceleration of inclusive financial index up to 75 percent in 2019 in accordance with the National Strategy of Inclusive Finance that has been established through Presidential Regulation 82 of 2016. Following with the number of beneficiary families (KPM) Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) from 6 million beneficiaries to 10 million this year.

    "The addition of this number of KPM as a form of improvement of the implementation of inclusive financial system as proclaimed by President Jokowi.Himbara Banking will get 4 million new customers this year," said Minister Idrus Marham while accompanying President Jokowi in PKH distribution in his official statement in Bandung on Thursday (15 / 2/2018).

    Idrus Marham explained with the mechanism of channeling PKH in non-cash, then they will automatically get a banking account and connect with the financial services industry so they can learn to save and access SME Credit.

    "So we must teach the KPM to save them for the future," said Idrus.

    Social Minister added that the non-cash social assistance scheme implemented by the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs is able to accelerate poverty reduction and reduce the gap between individuals and between regions.

    "All will be connected so that it can be monitored the movement of KPM economy through banking," he said.

    President Joko Widodo himself has signed the Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2017 on the Distribution of Social Assistance In non-cash. Under the regulation, KPM no longer accepts cash aid in cash, but is replaced with non cash cash in the form of Kartu Keluarga Sejahtera with a savings book.

    Meanwhile, the Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat said what the government does through the National Strategy for Inclusive Finance (SNKI) is a big leap of development in Indonesia. Not without reason, since the inclusive financial goals are the poor, not the middle class.

    "KPM continues to be given education about banking services because many still believe that their money will be exhausted.Now here is the need for PKH's companion role to do continuous education," explained Harry.

    A total of 10 million KPM PKH, and 1.2 million KPM Nontunai Food Assistance (BPNT) this year. For grantees of Rice Grants (Rastra) gradually up to 10 million will be transferred to BPNT recipients.

    Harry added nationally, the disbursed aid for the first phase of distribution in February worth Rp 4.75 trillion for 9.5 million KPM spread over 34 Provinces and 514 districts. The rest is still in the process of validation and submission of disbursements to the Ministry of Finance, especially difficult areas such as Papua and the Maluku Islands.

    Especially for the province of South Sulawesi, this year the Ministry of Social poured PKH bansos worth Rp 589.7 billion for 311,997 KPM. As for Gowa Regency get Rp 48.3 billion for 25,578 KPM.

    "For Bansos Food Rastra, South Sulawesi Province get 393,4 billion rupiah for 405,860 KPM," said Harry.

    While BPNT, said Harry, is a transformation of bansos of rastra food where the number of recipients for the province of South Sulawesi as much as 229,835 of 405,860 KPM has received assistance worth Rp 197.03 billion.

    "For Gowa Regency as many as 32,591 KPM has received BPNT with a value of 21.5 billion rupiah," he concluded.

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