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    Telkomsel Facilitates Cikelet Village Access


    BANDUNG- As a form of awareness for the community around the place of operation, Telkomsel synergizes together one of the religious community of employees, Telkomsel Taklim Assembly (MTT) established Berdaya Bridge that is expected to facilitate the access of people around Dusun Cikarang, Cikelet Village, Garut regency, West Java Province.

    General Manager of West Java Regional Sales Telkomsel, Agustiyono said Social Action is a form of real implementation of the distribution of zakat and infaq Telkomsel employees who have been routinely collected every month.

    "The presence of this Berdaya Bridge will facilitate the community in carrying out activities, especially in order to encourage the rotation of local economic wheels in order to create more promising business potential," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (14/2/2018).

    Agustiyono explained that the initial concept of the construction of Berdaya Bridge started from the difficulties of the people of Dusun Cikarang for mobility using existing access.

    Since 2013, Cikelet villagers have to struggle through the Cikarang River, as the pedestrian bridge they usually use has been swept away the tidal streams some time before. Meanwhile, every day more than 100 farmers and dozens of schoolchildren have to go back and forth through the river Cikarang to move.

    The social assistance for the people of Cikelet Village comes from Zakat funds and Telkomsel's employees infaq managed by MTT, in partnership with VRI (Vertical Rescue Indonesia) and local community tools for distribution. Berdaya Bridge connects Dusun Cikarang, Cikelet Village and Tegal Layang Village, Pamalayan Village, Cikelet Sub-district. With this bridge, now the surrounding community has access inter-village liaison that can be used comfortably and safely.

    In the region of Garut own, Telkomsel consistently continues to develop and expand the network facilities in the forefront in order to maintain the quality of service remains excellent and optimal. Telkomsel also encourages the acceleration of adoption of broadband-based services with leading-edge 4G LTE technology in the Garut region, with network infrastructure growth reaching 540% over the previous year.

    "We continue to expect the presence of Telkomsel both in terms of providing mobile telecommunications services, as well as social action can provide benefits to communities around the hamlet Cikarang.

    He added the current total of data service users who have adopted 4G LTE service in Garut grew up to 640 percent.

    Through this kind of social concern, Telkomsel strives to deliver comprehensive services and benefits in order to have a broad positive impact on society, especially in remote areas, "he concluded.

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