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    Puldapii TV Focused on Education Concept


    BANDUNG - Chairman of the Association of Da'wah and Islamic Education of Indonesia (Puldapii), Aslan Muchsin Abidin said the impressions to be presented Puldapii TV more focused in broadcasting the field of education.

    "So the impression must be fast and can be an aspiration for the people," said Aslan told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (14/2/2018).

    Aslan asserted that distinguishes Puldapii TV with electronic media dakwah the other is more emphasized the field of education. As for packaging da'wahnya not only limited to tablig only but to bring innovation in accordance with the demands of the times.

    Aslan also did not dismiss if Puldapii TV is aiming for the segmentation of young people. For that, it will always bring innovation in the presentation of the event, especially da'wah.

    "Maybe if you broadcast da'wah for two hours, the audience will feel bored.Therefore, we present a variety of innovations in the concept of presenting his da'wah," said Aslan

    He hopes that with Puldapii TV masayarakt get a special education of Islamic teachings that much better.

    "Segmentation in addition to young people are also parents but will focus on education personnel to be able to share knowledge about the world of education is much better again," he concluded.

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