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    Yuddy : Government Accountability Must Be Results-Oriented


    BANDUNG-In event of Coordination Forum for Administrative Reform and Delivery Evaluation Report of Performance Accountability District Government, State Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) Yuddy Krisnandi revealed that the impact of development must be significantly seen and felt directly by the community.

    Yuddy also revealed that the current govt should have a result orientation of the development, not only seen from the report, procedural and the budget absorption.

    "Next, it must conducting the result orientation of the development rather than on procedural," said Yuddy in the event held at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Jl. Tamansari Bandung, Friday morning (12/6).

    "Accountability is currently oriented on development results not only on the uptake and budget reports," added yuddy.

    Yuddy believes that the current development report and good financial are an obligation for a government. So according to him, the government agency that has high accountability tend to be able to have good governance and good development as well.

    On this occasion, the Ministry of PAN RB also re-submit the evaluation report of Performance Accountability of Government Institutions (LHE AKIP) to 156 districts/cities governments in the province of West Java, Central Java, Banten, Kalimantan, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua.

    Minister Yuddy gave appreciation to the district/city government that is committed to make changes to improve the governance system. It was seen from the evaluation results of the 156 districts/cities governments, who recorded 99 increased.

    The Ministry of PAN RB has handed LHE AKIP to 466 districts/cities government in 2015, of which 40 submitted in Bali, 157 in Yogyakarta, 113 in Surabaya, and 156 on this day in Bandung.

    At this submission of AKIP LHE, Bandung became the only city government who get the highest award with value 80.22. Then followed Sleman, Bantul regency, Badung Regency, Tanjung Pinang and Sukabumi with predicate B respectively.

    It was welcomed by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar were present on this occasion. Vice Governor expressed his appreciation to the Bandung Mayor and Sukabumi Mayor who has received the predicate A and B, and he expected these award can be an inspiration in particular for local government in West Java and also local government in Indonesia generally.

    Vice Governor revealed that based on the evaluation of the PAN RB Ministry on performance accountability of government institutions in West Java has shown a significant increase. "If the previous years, the progress just increased in the range of 1 to 4 points, then in the last year were able to achieve progress in more than 6 points," said Vice Governor in his speech.

    However, Vice Governor also said West Java Provincial Govt will continue to be committed in improving things recommended, so that West Java able to present a various innovations in governance to make government more transparent and accountable for achieving the vision of West Java keep on forward and prosperity for all.

    In addition to the submission of LHE AKIP, the Ministry carried out communication activities through the Coordination Forum of Administrative Reforms in improving communication and coordination, as well as provide an appreciation of the efforts of local government.

    It is an attempt to alignment in using the budget with result of performance and also giving improvement recommendations to promote the establishment of a results-oriented government.

    The evaluation of performance accountability in government agencies have been held regularly every year after the implementation of Law No. 17 of 2003 on State Finance. AKIP substance evaluation was in line with Law No. 17 of 2003 on State Finance, Law No. 1 of 2004 on State Treasury, Law No. 25 of 2004 on the National Planning System, and Government Regulation (PP) derivatives, such as PP 8 of 2006 on Financial Accountability and Reporting Obligations of Government Performance.

    Presidential Decree No. 29 of 2014 have also been mandated to the Ministry of PAN RB to coordinate in evaluating the govt performance accountability. It has been described in Article 29 (5) of Presidential Decree No. 29 of 2014 on Government Agencies Performance Accountability System (SAKIP), the PAN RB Ministry coordinating the evaluation of SAKIP implementation to the State Ministry/Agency/Local Government.

    The implementation of these evaluation involved the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), as well as the Inspectorate Agencies. While the guidelines of Performance Accountability Evaluation was drawn up with the involvement of the Ministry of Finance, Bappenas and Kemendagri.

    This event was also attended by Elements FKPD West Java province, expert staff and the ranks of the PAN RB Ministry, the Regent/Mayor of West Java, the Regents/Mayors throughout the territory of Papua, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku, Banten, Central Java, and Borneo, as well as invited guests

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