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    Police Chief Please West Java Election Becoming National Pilot


    Bandung, West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Pol Agung Budi Maryoto said Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) West Java Province can be a pilot in Indonesia.

    This was disclosed West Java Police Chief interrupted the draw number of candidates of candidates for governor of West Java at Sport Center Arcamanik, Tuesday night (13/2/2018)

    Police Chief said the election should be peaceful in accordance with the motto of TNI and Polri soldiers who had previously vowed despite the different unity but still one. "My hope is the Jabar pilakda will be an example pilkada other provinces in Indonesia," said Kapolda

    Agung revealed as stated in the Law on Regional Head Election. Police are given the authority to secure Jabar election. He asserted during the elections take place, the Police will remain neutral and if found involved polri involved will be dealt with strictly according to applicable law.

    "The police are given the mandate to secure the electoral process simultaneously in the pilkada jabar so its duty to secure the process of democracy," said Agung

    West Java Police also provide security facilities for elections pilkada Jabat by lowering about 80 personnel. "Each of the paslon will get escort about 10 people," he said Various negative issues spread in social media. Agung admitted optimistic, these paslon already have a good leadership so that is not affected by these negative issues.

    West Java Police Chief also admitted optimistic that the implementation of elections in West Java will take place safely and peacefully. Because the people of West Java have religious religious character and polite so far from the elements of conflict.

    "I am convinced that the religious jabar society is religious and polite, insha Allah pilkada Jabar conducive," he concluded

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