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    West Java Got 375 Jarkomluhdes


    BANDUNG - Rural Communications Communication Network (Jarkomluhdes) organized by the Office of Food Crops and Horticulture West Java, confirmed and inaugurated by the Governor of West Java in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (14/02/2018).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said in his speech hoping the number of Jarkomluhdes increases, "Hopefully this Jarkomluhdes will increase, we will try in 375 villages and next year we will improve again in line with our agricultural improvement," he hoped.

    Aher hopes that this Jarkomluhdes as a vehicle for the welfare of society and strengthen unity and unity. When Aher conducted a teleconference with 375 villages, the aspirations of the community were directly conveyed to the governor and the public welcomed the Jarkomluhdes.

    The first Jarkomluhdes implementation began in 2017 despite its idea in 2016 with facilitation for 500 networks in 18 districts / cities in West Java, but which only realized 375 Jarkomluhdes.

    In his report, Hendi Jatmika as Head of Food Crops and Horticultural Office of West Java explained that the constraints faced by Jarkomluhdes currently are not yet maximal connectivity in some villages, plus there are still villages that are still blank spots.

    Benefits of Jarkomluhdes among others is to accelerate communication between business actors, dissemination of information about agriculture and as a means of communication for counseling with teleconference. (yudcip)

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