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    DPR Asking the Revision of DNI Film Industry Unhurried


    BANDUNG-Vice-Chairman of the Commission for Arts and Culture Abdul Kharis Almasyhari asked the government unhurried to revise the Negative Investment List (DNI), especially in the sectors film industry.

    "Revising the DNI's film industry is a hasty action, because we do not have a strong protection regulations in protecting all elements involved in the film industry in Indonesia," said Kharis in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Saturday (13/2).

    Abdul Kharis explained, the government in the near future will soon finalise the DNI deliberations to open up greater opportunities for foreign investors to invest in these business sector. One sector that also revised is investment in film industry, from production, distribution to exhibition.

    Supposedly, Kharis said, if the government focus on working these industry, the Indonesian film can compete with the international community. This is the government's obligation to protect the local film industry.

    "I am optimistic the quality of Indonesian films will be able to compete in globalised if there is strenuous efforts from the community, government as a policy makers, and other stakeholders who want to see our local film industry better," he said.

    Kharis advised the government to evaluate these four things before making the DNI revision, which are expensive tax to the local movie than imported films, cinema distribution which is concentrated in big cities, the monopoly of the cinema management, and the difficulty of getting permission for shooting.

    "From this evaluation will be found any obstacles need to be improved in the priority scale. The government should focus on solving the priority scale,” he concluded.

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