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    Ridzki: PayTren Increases Community Economy


    BANDUNG- Managing Director, Grab Indonesia, Ridzki Kramadibrata said, Through partnership with PayTren, Grab is committed to bringing economic digital opportunity to middle economic class in both urban and rural areas in the country.

    "Now, we help people to join as drivers in more than 100 cities and agents in 500 cities By adding the strength and presence of PayTren in rural areas of Indonesia, we believe we can accelerate Grab expansion throughout Indonesia," he said.

    Ridzki stated that anyone who works and doing business in Indonesia, in turn will return again for the good in Indonesia, because driven by charity by the system, then according to the nature of alms, drivers and passengers will be much more and more blessing again rizkinya, Insha God".

    "PayTren encourages users of gadgets, especially IOS and Android-based smartphones, and even Desktop users to improve their functionality into a tool to transact with benefits and benefits that will not be earned from the usual way of trading.

    It is known that Grab is the leading mobile on-demand and mobile payment service in Southeast Asia that is able to address a number of crucial transport challenges and realize freedom of transportation for 620 million people in Southeast Asia.

    Grab's main product includes driver and passenger driving solutions that emphasize comfort, safety and certainty, including mobile payment platform, GrabPay, which enhances access to mobile payment solutions for millions of driver and passenger partners throughout Southeast Asia and deepens financial inclusion in the region . (Parno)

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