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    BEI is Ready to Open 100 Investment Gallery in 100 Traditional Markets


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) targets to open the Investment Gallery of the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 100 Traditional Markets across Indonesia, after opening the first Investment Gallery in Indonesia located in Cikurubuk Traditional Market of Tasikmalaya City, West Java Province.

    President Director of IDX, Tito Sulistio said, with the opening of investment galleries in traditional markets will provide an opportunity for the wider community to invest through the capital market.

    "The target is 100 markets this year across Indonesia and each cafe has a target of how many investment galleries are established in traditional markets," he said.

    According to Tito, by investing through the capital market, people can have big companies in Indonesia so as to be able to equitable income of the community through ownership.

    "With the establishment of the Investment Gallery is one for the distribution of public income through ownership," said Tito, on the sidelines of the inauguration of IDX Investment Gallery at Cikurubuk Traditional Market Tasikmalaya City, Monday (12/02). (Parno)

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