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    Rejecting Impromptu Inspection, Industry Gets Fines Rp 500 Million


    BANDUNG- Pursuant to Article 115 of Law Number 32 Year 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management stipulating that everyone who deliberately prevent, obstruct, or thwart the execution of the duties of environmental supervisor (PPLH) and / or civil servant investigator officer civil (PPNS) is sentenced to a maximum of one year imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp 500 million.

    Head of Environmental Office (DLH) West Java Province, Anang Sudarna said during a sudden inspection (sidak) on 39 industries in West Java only one who refused the PT. Gucci Ratu Textile Industry having address at Jalan Cibaligo No. 157 Kelurahan Cibeureum South Cimahi Subdistrict Cimahi City. He said the reason the company does not make sense that there is no prior notification of DLH West Java Province to the company.

    "Of course we do not inform the plan of the first notification, because it is sudden, for industries that refuse to be threatened with 1 year imprisonment and a fine of Rp 500 million," he told reporters in Bandung on Monday (12/2/2018).

    He mentioned DLH Jabar has submitted the results of inspection on behalf of PT. Gucci Ratu Textile Industry to be followed up handling by West Java Provincial Police according to the laws and regulations.

    "We have submitted the results of inspection on behalf of the company to be followed up Polda Jabar," said Anang.

    Furthermore, Anang explained that the combined unity is one of the efforts in supporting the Clean, Healthy, Beautiful, and Sustainable Harum Citarum (BESTARI), which aims to oversee the level of compliance of the party responsible for the business or activity in implementing the legislation in environmental management.

    One of them is the obedience to the fulfillment of Wastewater Quality Standard (BMAL) that has been determined. Sidak simultaneously carried out on Activities and / or Enterprises located in the Citarum watershed, supported by Environmental Laboratory Office of the Environment Office (DLH) West Java Province, Bandung District Environmental Laboratory, Cimahi City Environment Department Laboratory and Water Patrol element .

    "Of course this combined unity as an effort to realize Citarum Harum Bestari," he concluded.

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