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    Increase West Java Investment Through WJI


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor (Jabar) Ahmad Heryawan said Jabar has many potentials that can attract investors to come. Nevertheless, the potential must continue to be promoted.

    "The existence of West Java Incorporated (WJI) should be able to increase investment in West Java," he said in the hight level meeting WJI Sanggabuana Room Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (13/2).

    In addition to incentive to promote investment, he also reminded that incoming investment must also be legal so as not to harm the community. He pointed out a lot of investment bodong that harm society, unfortunately some are in West Java.

    "I hope BI and OJK can detect this illegal investment, let alone some cases in West Java. Licensing and operational supervision should be increased again, "he said.

    He also requested that investment is focused on real sector activities that can absorb a lot of labor. In addition, the investment must remain in West Java is not taken away.

    "For example investment for reservoirs or electricity, then the results remain in West Java. Not a factory investment, its products are brought out. The origin of labor intensive, "he said. jo

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