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    Bus Driver Becomes Suspect of Climb Emen Accident


    BANDUNG, - West Java Police Chief Irjen Pol Agung Budi Maryoto said it set the bus driver tourism Premium Fassion, AM, officially designated as a suspect in traffic accidents that occurred in Subang Regency.

    He mentioned the driver initials AM AM is considered negligent and know the vehicle is not worthy road that resulted in a deadly accident in Tanjakan Emen, Subang.

    "We set the driver suspect with the initials AM.He realizes that the vehicle is not road worthy," said Agung, told reporters Monday (12/2/2018)

    Agung mentioned that the concerned has known if the bus is not road worthy because there is a leak in the left rear wheel brake system. However, AM forced his vehicle to the road, by outsourcing the brake function leakage. In fact, after knowing the condition of the leaking brakes, the suspect impose to continue to operate the bus.

    "At the time on the road Setiabudi, concerned know that the condition of the brake on the left back was leaked.Continue the reason -copy by closed so as not to leak anymore," said Agung

    According to the former South Sumatra Police Chief is revealed with the condition of the brake system is not good, if driving on a flat road, it is not too influential. However, if road conditions decline it will be very dangerous, due to the factor of gravity, load, and speed. So, the bus was not able to withstand the existing weight with damaged brake condition.

    "If the road is ok ok fine, no load, but if the derivative, remember that gravity if our derivative is 3 times our weight, not speed yet, that counts," he concluded

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