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    Message of West Java Police Chief in the 2018 Election


    BANDUNG - West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Pol Agung Budi Maryoto stressed that the police and TNI should be neutral in Pilgub 2018 and jointly tasked to secure this election. It is mandated when giving a message after the four paspas get the sequence number.

    "Although West Java is divided into 4 groups but the Police and the TNI must be neutral and in charge of securing democratic processes that we have to set an example of a good pilkada for other provinces," the police chief said in SPOrt Jabar Arcamanik, Bandung, Tuesday (13 / 02).

    West Java Police Chief in his message also said that the four pairs of candidates for governor and deputy governor who has obtained the serial number is the best sons of West Java.

    The police are given the obligation to provide security or personal escort to the four paslons. A total of 80 guards were submitted to the KPU to secure the paslon starting today.

    Agung Budi believes that West Java produces a secure and conducive pilkada. (lutyudfauscip)

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