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    Pair Candidates of West Java Governor / Vice Governor Declare Election of Peace


    BANDUNG - After getting the serial number, the Governor Paslon and Vice Governor of West Java read the declaration of peaceful election. In front of 1,500 invitees consisting of supporters of paslon, government element and bawaslu, Chairman of Provincial KPU, regents / mayors and district / city jurisdicators in West Java, Tuesday (13/2).

    The number that Paslon has chosen through the draw, will become a paslon identity. Furthermore, the serial number is used for campaign props (APK), campaign materials (BK), and ballot papers.

    The result, serial number one obtained Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul (Rindu). Number two won by Tubagus Hasanudin-Anton Charliyan (Hasanah). Number three got Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu (Fun). And number four belongs to Deddy Mizwar-Dedi Mulyadi (Duo DM).

    Furthermore, the four Governor / Governor Vice Governor read out the declaration of the peace campaign. This is a form of commitment from the paslon and related parties to keep the Pilgub of West Java conducive.

    Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat expressed his wish that the Pilgub West Java to be a means of education for the entire democracy of West Java community.

    "In addition to implementing the succession of leadership, this is also a vehicle for education of democracy in West Java," said Yayat.
    He also hopes that the conduciveness in West Java will be maintained during the pilgub series. He also expressed optimism.

    "This is our emphasis, not excessive and not without reason." Throughout the general election in West Java, it has been organized and safe, far from anarchy, let alone failure, "Yayat explained. (lutyudfauscip)

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