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    Tonight West Java Election Commissioner Draws Pair Candidates Serial Number


    BANDUNG - Serial number of candidate pair of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java in Pilgub 2018 drawn Tuesday night (13/2/2018). The draw is packed in a series of formal events and is wrapped in a series of traditional arts that broadcast live i-news tv nationally at 19.00 pm.

    Commissioner of KPU Jabar, Endun Abdul Haq said this activity will be attended by about 1,500 invitees, consisting of 200 paslon supporters and 700 people from government and bawaslu elements, Chairman of Provincial KPU of Indonesia, regent / mayor and Regency / Municipal Panwaslu West Java.

    The drawing technique this time is different from the previous pilgub, because the paslons take the serial number from a jug (traditional drinking water storage device).

    "It's a symbol that is full of meaning," said Endun told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (13/2/2018).

    The number will become a paslon identity, which is then used for campaign props (APK), campaign materials (BK), and ballot papers.

    "The paslon was not given the opportunity to deliver a speech in the forum, but immediately signed a declaration of peace," he concluded.

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