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    West Java Civil Servant Cooperatives Buys Kertajati Airport Shares


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government ensures shares of PT West Java International Airport (PT BIJB) will be owned by thousands of civil servants (PNS) incorporated in Consumer Prosperous Prosperous Cooperatives (KPPS).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said after PT Angkasa Pura II was confirmed as a shareholder of BUMD PT BIJB, other shareholders are still needed after the majority of West Java provincial government controlled 51%.

    "Funds will be disbursed from the fund of civil servants," he said in Bandung, Tuesday (13/2/2018).

    According to him, it is planned that the cooperative formed two years ago will take 2% share of PT BIJB worth Rp 50 billion. Fresh funds are assessed Aher can make completion of the Kertajati Airport land side faster. "Previously, fresh funds came from syariah banking syndication, then besides cooperatives will also be released limited mutual fund (RDPT)," he said.

    Purchase of shares of PT BIJB by cooperative civil servants according to him will continue to be increased to 5% in the next three years. This target is seen from the amount of turnover managed by KPPS so that the figure of Rp 125 billion is considered possible. "Which is now equal to 2%, the addition is still open. I hope to 5%, "he said.

    West Java provincial government itself has not got certainty how the amount of shares to be taken by PT AP II and RDPT. Because in addition to shares, AP II also has the obligation to pour funds to build the remaining 500 meters runway to complete the runway Kertajati which is currently 2500 meters.

    "According to the President's expectation, the runway extension is 500 meters away for Kertajati airport to be able to pilgrim flights. And according to this agreement will be built AP II, "he explained.

    In the same place, Sekda Jabar who is also Chairman of KPPS Jabar Iwa Karniwa said the purchase of shares of PT BIJB came after the PT BIJB filed a letter request for cooperatives can include capital in the BUMD. "On the basis of the letter we discussed in the board meeting, then we received by reporting to the Governor," he said.

    Iwa said it agreed to include capital of 2% of the total requirement of PT BIJB around Rp 2.5 trillion or equivalent to Rp 50 billion. His side is currently just waiting for a reply letter from the board of PT BIJB so they discussed the planned purchase of shares at the GMS. "This is the basis for the directors to respond to the KPPS letter," he said.

    Steps to deposit this capital is considered Iwa make KPPS as the only cooperative in Indonesia who first had a stake in a major airport. It decided to pour money because there are other benefits besides dividends that can be obtained. "Whether we can play a role in things that can be mastered at airports such as cleaning service and others," he said. (Even)

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