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    Living Environmental Office Acts Firmly Company which is Violating Environmental Regulation


    BANDUNG - A total of 13 companies in West Bandung regency (KBB) and Bandung proven to violate the environment by throwing liquid waste into the Citarum River.

    Head of Environmental Office (DLH) West Java Province, Anang Sudarna said dozens of companies are indicated to do environmental pollution based on the results of inspection and laboratory tests conducted DLH against 39 companies in Bandung Raya.

    "There are 13 companies that dispose of waste even exceeding the water quality standard threshold," said Anang told reporters in Bandung, Monday (12/2/2018).

    He mentioned 39 companies consist of 22 companies in Bandung regency, 4 companies in Bandung, 5 companies in Cimahi City, and 8 companies in West Bandung regency.

    While the results of laboratories 13 companies indicated to do this pollution will be submitted to the local government each to be given sanctions. However, four of them will be given criminal sanctions.

    "Almost all are visually violated but we still have to do laboratory test .. Now only 13 companies, the rest follow in the near future, four companies will be immediately reported to Polda Jabar for criminal sanctions because it has been exposed to administrative sanctions while the rest we submit to local government -masing, "said Anang.

    Violation of dozens of companies originating from Bandung and West Bandung regency has been out laboratory results using two or even three perimeter variables. Obviously such companies do not believe that the Government will take firm action.

    "Wherever this company runs, of course we will pursue.Out this problem occurs employee layoffs, then it is the risk of mental revolution," he concluded.

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