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    Peace Corps Improves English Language Learning Ability


    BANDUNG - About 60 volunteers of English teachers from America finished their assignment in West Java this February. They are volunteers who teach English in schools in West Java from SMP to SMA / SMK. Program Manager Peace Corps Indonesia Ananda Roman said, every year there are always volunteers who deliberately invited to volunteer English teachers.

    "This is a sustainable conference program, cooperation between the Peace Corps of non-governmental organizations of the United States with Indonesia under the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs," he said at Gedung Sate on Monday (12/2/2018).

    The purpose of the program that has been going on since 2010, according to Ananda, in addition to improving the ability of English to students, as well as to share experiences how to teach the English teacher in the school concerned.

    "It may be that this way of teaching the teachers here is still conventional, well with the presence of volunteers here provide different experiences for students and teachers with different methods," said Ananda.

    In 2016-2017 there are about 60 schools that enter the Sustainable Conference program in West Java, and every year there will be schools that enter this program. (Even)

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