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    Election Supervisory Board Has Not Received Letter of Leave or Postpone of West Java Governor Pair Candidates


    BANDUNG - West Java Election Commission (KPU) finally set four pairs of candidates (Paslon) who will follow the election of Governor (Pilgub) Jabar 2018 in Hall KPU Jabar, Monday (12/2/2018).

    Since the determination, according to Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat, then all Paslon is bound by the rules of Pilgub Jabar including the use of campaign props.

    "There is no socialization done without coordination with the KPU, mandatory props of the KPU, or can add itself with a maximum limit of 150% of the amount provided by the KPU," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) Jabar reminded all Paslon to meet the requirements, especially related to leave decisions or resignation as officials, civil servants or members of the House of Representatives.

    Bawaslu Chairman Harminus Koto said until the day of the appointment, has not received the Paslon leave or resignation letter.

    "Leave from Home Affairs for Demiz is not there yet, leave for the regent of the Act, Syaikhu and Emil also not yet ajian to Bawaslu for leave as mayor, We are still waiting," he said.

    As for the resignation, awaited candidate Anton Charliyan ie withdraw from the police, then Hasanudin from Parliament. Bawaslu is also still awaiting his resignation over the status of Ridwan Kamil who is still a civil servant as a lecturer of ITB.

    "The maximum resignation 30 days before the voting or May 27, 2018 must have entered in Bawaslu," he said. Jo

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