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    Eligible, 16 Political Parties in West Java Ready to Compete in 2019


    BANDUNG - Sixteen political parties in West Java are eligible to appear in the 2019 election. The sixteen political parties are the Indonesian Unity Party, the Indonesian Solidarity Party, the Na Sdem Party, the PKS, the PKB, the Gerindra Party, the PPP, the PDIP, the Democratic Party, the Golkar Party , Crescent Star Party, Hanura Party, PAN, PKPI, Party of Work, and Garuda Party.

    This was stated by KPU Commissioner Jabar, Agus Rustandi at open plenary meeting of recapitulation result of factual verification at Regency / Municipal KPUD level in KPU West Java Province Jl. Garut No. 11 Bandung Sunday (11/2).

    According to Agus, all political parties have been verified related to stewardship, women's representation, office domicile, and membership. "All that was done for 4 full months, and alhamdulillah the result is quite satisfactory," he said.

    But Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat asserted the authority of West Java KPU just to label MS or Eligible, because the final decision is in KPU RI. "This limited authority allows for differences in data, so we invite the District / City for clarification and any objections should be factual," Yayat said.

    On the other hand, Bawaslu Jabar Commissioner Wasikin Marzuki appreciated the performance of West Java KPU and Regency / City KPUD. "Although the verification is done with two regulations, namely PKPU No. 11/2017 and PKPU No. 6/2018, everything went smoothly," said Wasikin. (Even)

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