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    Jasa Raharja Guarantees All Accident Victims


    BANDUNG- Jasa Raharja ensures all victims of tourist bus accidents happening in Turunan Cicenang Kampung Cicenang, Ciater Village, Ciater Subdistrict, Subang Regency, on Saturday (10/02) at around 17:00 pm

    Head of Branch PT Jasa Raharja West Java, Eri Martajaya said, for the death toll as many as 27 people are paid to the heirs according to their domicile address.

    "25 people are paid in Tangerang Banten area, 1 person in Bogor Jabar area and 1 person in Karawang Jabar region," said Eri, Sunday (11/02)

    According to Eri, according to the rules, the victims will receive their respective donations for the victims of death amounting to Rp.50 million and the injured victims get a maximum maintenance fee of Rp. 20 million.

    "We have issued a letter of guarantee for the cost of care and compensation for the death victims, for compensation to die simultaneously paid today, Sunday (11/02) to their respective heirs," he said.

    And the plan today Jasaraharja together with Korlantas, Ditlantas Polda Jabar and Kadishub will directly conduct Event Genesis Case (TKP) dislocation events. As it is known accident incident happened to Bus Tour Groups (Premium Class) Nopol F 7959 AA coming from Bandung direction after visiting Mount Tangkuban Parahu.

    The entourage of Ciputat Gem Joint Savings and Loans of South Tangerang, Arriving at the Cicenang descent, the bus's truck reversed and hit a motorcycle of Honda Beat Nopol T 4382 MH type. (Parno)

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