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    West Java Complete Natural Must Be Utilized Optimal


    BANDUNG - West Java Province which has an area of ??35,377.76 km2 with a population of 46,497,175 is the most populous province in Indonesia. This is because most of the existing industries in Indonesia are located in West Java, making it a place to find work.

    In addition to the large population, West Java Province, consisting of 27 districts and cities, 625 subdistricts and 5,899 villages also have complete natural beauty compared to other provinces.

    Chairman of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants Indonesia (PHRI) West Java, Herman Mochtar said, when viewed from the natural, Jabar no one can match it, ranging from beaches, mountains, forest and other natural wealth.

    "Compared to other areas, Jabar has all, beaches, mountains, and other natural beauty," said Herman, in commemoration of the 49th Anniversary of PHRI at Hotel Astrilia Bandung, Thursday (08/02) night.

    According to Herman, with the existing natural capital, Jabar region will certainly always ogled by the tourists both from home and abroad as one of the destinations that must be visited.

    "We've got everything, just how we can cultivate it into a source of economy and income society," he said.

    Herman asserted, despite having abundant natural wealth, but until now the number of foreign tourists who come to the area of ??West Java is still small, that is only reaching hundreds of thousands.

    "The target of foreign tourists to Indonesia until the year 2019 reached 20 million and West Java about 10 percent, but seeing from infrastructure support performance is quite heavy," he said. (Parno)

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