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    Aher Asked State University in Indonesia to Become Private University


    PALEMBANG - West Java Provincial Government encourages all educational institutions in West Java, including universities to have and can produce quality human resources. Especially private universities or private universities. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) does not want to complain about the facilities and quality of the students who are studying in the PTS.

    Aher revealed this as a speaker in the 4th Plenary Board Meeting (RPPP) / National Working Meeting (Rakernas) Association of Indonesian Private Universities (Aptisi) at The Grand Ballroom of Aryaduta Hotel Palembang, Jl. POM IX, Palembang Square, Palembang City, South Sumatra Province, Friday (9/2/2018).

    "Therefore, we encourage private universities to be a reasonable choice, attractive choice, and good performance and quality is not inferior to state universities," added Aher.

    "In order to encourage the private sector to have a good means, have adequate quality, same or similar to the country, yes of course there should be attention and assistance from the Government," he continued.

    To that end, West Java Provincial Government is committed to pay attention to private universities that exist throughout West Java. The budget of APBD that has been disbursed has reached Rp 60 billion. It is expected to be able to help facilities and infrastructure, and can improve the quality of private universities.

    "There is one thing that we are striving to ensure that the quality is guaranteed, then the State University (PTN) in West Java that mengampu Private Higher Education in West Java.If then diampu well, the quality is standardized by the State College then it will we can determine in the diploma is equivalent to State Universities who mengampunya, "said Aher.

    "Let's say Unpad is in charge of a number of private universities, but if (his students) have graduated, there is a writing that in his diploma is recognized the quality is in accordance with or equal to State Universities Unpad.We want that, though not yet but this is a thought," he added.

    "Of course we do not have to write quality assurance on diploma, but when we can bring attention from PTN to PTS it is very good, so more guarantee private university is more qualified like PTN," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, in his presentation entitled "The Role of Universities in Preparing Human Resources Indonesia High Competitiveness In The Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0", Aher emphasizes a new paradigm in the development of the nation of Indonesia in the future. Aher explained that the national development agenda should be focused on three things that become national development strategies, namely poverty alleviation, unemployment reduction, and natural carrying capacity for sustainable development.

    Aher continued, these three strategies have a plenary purpose, namely the welfare and sense of community security. Finally, if the development agenda is realized thoroughly will be able to create human servitude to God Almighty.

    Another thing that becomes Aher emphasis, in the presence of private actors from all over Indonesia, the development must also be able to build a new generation that has twin capabilities, namely Imtaq and Iptek are balanced.

    In addition, according to Aher, The Development of Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution, presents the pattern of development of science and technology itself, including:
    (1) Discovering new patterns when disruptive technology is present so rapidly and threatening the existence of incumbent companies,
    (2) History has noted that the industrial revolution has taken many victims with the death of giant corporations,
    (3) The large size of the company is not a guarantee, but the company's agility is the key to achieving success quickly. Example: (a) UBER has influenced major players in the transportation industry around the world; (b) AirBnB (Air bed and breakfast) has influenced major players in the tourism services industry, and
    (4) The emergence of 5G Internet Technology is a technology that can support the development of the Internet of Things (IOT) market that has the potential to increase sales of mobile devices up to billions of units in the market.

    While Indonesia's challenge in the face of Industrial Revolution 4.0, namely:
    (1) All machines are connected through an internet system or otherwise known as cyber,
    (2) Electronic and chemical industries in the next five years, as much as 60-77% of the industry will implement digital systems,
    (3) Preparing skilled human resources, calculating risks, and being able to adapt to the needs of the labor market in the era of the Kound Generation Industrial Revolution,
    (4) Demand the high work of science and technology based innovation, product improvement, and service,
    (5) Demands creativity in creation

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