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    Cuting Civil Servant Allowances For Zakat Profession, This Success Story of West Java Provincial Government


    BANDUNG- Pros and cons of zakat facilitation ASN by the Ministry of Religious Affairs also responded to West Java Provincial Government which has applied the cutting TPP ASN to charity profession first.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the deduction of zakat profession at least 2.5% has run smoothly since applied in 2011 and then by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. According to him at that time the West Java provincial government saw the great potential of zakat professions that have not been explored by the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas).

    "Thinking about how to collect it but not burdensome, at the suggestion of the Governor finally cut from Allowance Improvement Income (TPP)," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (9/2/2018).

    According to him, at the beginning, there are some questions and doubts, but over time, the policy of cutting at least 2.5% of the profession of the TPP is good and effective. "As the religious level increases and feels effective and efficient, the entire ASN agrees," he said.

    Iwa explained that the cutting policy of TPP is considered not to burden the employees. "Selected cut from the TPP because if the salary was to meet the needs of life ASN and his family. Zakat imposition that's after living expenses are met, "he said.

    The process of cutting the TPP for zakat itself has a very transparent flow and accountability. Iwa said West Java Provincial Government gave a letter of authorization to the treasurer in this case Bank BJB to debit TPP ASN and transfer it to Baznas Jabar.

    "And Baznas is always audited by a public accountant," he said.

    Talk about the potential of zakat profession from ASN West Java provincial government is very big. Iwa ensure every month Baznas can reach potentials up to Rp 1.2 billion.

    "So much the good of the charity they distributed now also felt not only citizens of West Java," he said.

    Therefore, if the Ministry of Religious Affairs will apply the rules related to salary deductions ASN for zakat, it assesses that there is no need to change in the province. Iwa admitted that things that have been going well in this West Java provincial government will continue because the system is strong.

    "The cut is only for Muslim ASNs, if non-Muslims do not. Once again the application of this deduction no objections, because our zakat to clean our sustenance also according to Al Quran and Al Hadist, "he explained. (Even)

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