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    Inaugurating the Hanging Bridge, PLN Cares Comes to Ciamis


    CIAMIS - Achieve its care through a series of Community Development programs, PT PLN (Persero) through the program of Caring PLN implement the Inauguration of Leuwikuning Hanging Bridge Construction in Kartabumi Village, Cijeungjing District, Ciamis Regency. The inauguration of the suspension bridge was held after the first stone laying on Friday, November 3, 2017 with Vice Regent Ciamis H. Oih Burhanudin and representatives of PLN. The inauguration of the suspension bridge was held on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 after more or less 2 months bridge construction process. Present on this occasion Bupati Ciamis H. Drs. Iing Syam Arifin, M.M along with his staff, General Manager of PLN Iwan Purwana

    The Leuwikuning Bridge connecting Cisaga Village and Kertabumi Village is very poor condition. The bridge is only supported by bamboo-bamboo is quite tenuous so it is very vulnerable when passed. At that time even motor vehicles could not pass because of its very fragile construction. Whereas the function and benefits of this bridge position is vital for the mobility of citizens in the region. Due to his poor condition, many residents have to rotate and use other bridges and travel 3 km away.

    The construction of Leuwikuning Bridge is a form of PLN's concern to the community. "The task of PLN is not only to elect the whole community. However, we also have a social responsibility, one of them through the construction of this bridge, "said Iwan.

    Regent Ciamis would like to thank PT PLN (Persero) Distribution West Java for the construction of Leuwikuning Bridge. He also urged the public to maintain and maintain the bridge. "I leave this bridge to the community, we must be grateful for the help and participation of PLN to the community," he said.

    Assistance provided by PLN Peduli worth 200 million rupiahs used to build and revitalize bridges along 55 m, width 1.2 m and height 3 m. Construction of a 55-m extension bridge, iron UNV retaining barrier and iron / borders strip plates. This condition is certainly much better than the previous bamboo construction used to support this bridge. After going through the development process for approximately two months duration, now this suspension bridge is feasible to pass two-wheel motor vehicle and very safe if you want to be passed by the citizens who beraktivitas.

    In the district of Ciamis, in 2017 PLN Peduli has distributed aid totaling Rp 846,124,000, - with details of Pesantren Empowerment Program Miftahul Ulum Bangunsirna Kab. Ciamis Rp 521.124.000, -, Repair of Classroom and Teacher Room of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Pasawahan - Dusun Ciakar RT 001 RW 001 Pasawahan Village Banjarsari District Ciamis Regency Worth Rp 125.000.000, -, and Construction of Gantung Bridge - Kertabumi Village Cijeungjing District Ciamis Regency Worth Rp 200.000.000, -.

    Environmental Assistance PLN Distribution West Java in 2017 amounting to Rp.10.163.375.560, - which is distributed in the education sector, health, public facilities development, the development of religious facilities and religious activities as well as social assistance and poverty alleviation. (Even)

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