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    Netty: Social and Cultural Aspects are Important In MEA


    BANDUNG-Chairman of West Java Handicrafts Indonesia (Dekranasda) Netty Heryawan said the Association of Producers and Exporters of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) of West Java is a mainstay in the economic development in West Java.

    "I appreciate this event as a form of awareness in local products from West Java by continuing to build awareness in the community regarding the Asean Economic Community (MEA) to love and use local products," said Netty while attending Tea Morning Talks About Crafts in MEA together with the entrepreneurs of embroidery, Batik, handicraft and accessories incorporated in ASEPHI West Java at Hasan Batik Gallery on Thursday (02/11/16).

    In order for developing our local products, Netty said we should be able to improve human resources by training. So that their Hard Skill, Foreign Language ability, Interpersonal Skills, Attitude and adequate education become assets for us to face foreign countries. As well as the form of awareness people to love using the local products from West Java and charged to improve the welfare of the community.

    MEA is not only targeting the economic aspect but it is also important to the social and cultural aspects. Both aspects are related mainly to the resilience of families with fortified through building a strong antibodies and immune therefore will not be eroded by the flow of foreign cultures. It can also reduce the social problems existed in the middle of the community, such as trafficking and violence.

    The Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) Chairman in West Java, Hedi Yamasari said that this activity held for sharing experience of businesses in the production and marketing products. We always sat down together to motivate and support in striving to produce products with improving quality and keep innovating.

    “There are 400 businesses that are members of ASEPHI West Java and to become a member of the West Java ASEPHI, it has condition to produce products with 60% local raw material so that people know and love the products well," he added.



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