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    Translucent Global Market, Iwapi Uses Digital Technology


    BANDUNG - Regional Working Meeting of the Regional Board of the 26th Indonesian Women Business Association (Rakerda DPD IWAPI) West Java, held at Harris Hotel Festival Citylink Jl. Map No. 241, Pasir Koja Bandung, West Java.

    The theme raised in Rakerda this time is to improve the competitiveness of West Java business women to the global market with digital technology. It is hoped that with this Rakerda, it can improve national unity, communication, information, consultation and advocacy for IWAPI members in West Java who have legal entity in running their business.

    Attending the event, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan was accompanied by Chairman of West Java Chamber of Commerce Agung Suryamal and Head of Department of Cooperatives and Small Enterprises Prov. Jabar Dudi Sudrajat Abdurachim. Aher appreciated the activities undertaken by IWAPI West Java.

    "Let us open our mindset, men and women have equal opportunity in terms of making a living but which is mandatory to support the family is male.Impower the entrepreneurs of women of West Java getting great," said Aher in his speech on Thursday (8/2/2018).

    Participants in attendance included representatives from 26 DPC IWAPI West Java. The event, which was held in addition to the plenary meeting, was a talk show "SMEs in class and information technology", Little Tokyo presentation and Bazaar Rakerda XXVI.

    Bazaar Rakerda followed by 16 participants representative of West Java DPC, 37 participants of SMEs and 10 participants from sponsors.

    The Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs Association (IWAPI) is a venue for women entrepreneurs in Indonesia and is the single largest women entrepreneurs' organization established since February 10, 1975. IWAPI's existence and commitment has been to promote independent Indonesian women economically. (YudCip)

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