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    Non Toll Access to Kertajati Airport Completed in May 2018


    MAJALENGKA- Infrastruktur main form of accessibility to West Java International Airport (BIJB) in District Kertajati, Majalengka Regency can be completed as the airport operates. It is planned that this non-toll road can be completed by May 2018.

    Manager of Engineering Unit Project Management Unit (UMP) PT BIJB Hidayat Effendi said, non-toll road that directly connects the arterial path of Majalengka Regency is currently being processed. The executor of physical development is done by the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (PUPR).

    "For the access road (non toll road), it is targeted to be completed in May 2018. We are always coordinating with external parties regarding the readiness of airports for non toll," Hidayat said on Thursday (8/2/2018).

    Physical development of non-toll accessibility has begun in early 2018. Physical work is done after 24 hectares of land needed completed in December 2017 by the West Java provincial government. Non-toll budget requirement worth Rp 77 billion is absorbed from the West Java provincial government's budget.

    The connecting road to the international airport will stretch along 1.8 kilometers with a width of about 50 meters. It is located on 218 lots of land owned directly by West Java Provincial Government. Its location is adjacent to Kertajati Sub-District Office.

    "Non-toll access is the main access because it becomes the access needed for accessibility, hopefully the target set and budgeted by PUPR can match the target and time and meet the good quality," he said.

    Camat Kertajati Aminudin representing the local government of Majalengka Regency added that physical access road construction as of early February has reached 20 percent. Aminudin said, the contractor promised the road will be completed by April 2018.

    Assuming the work is not constrained extreme weather that often occurs as late as 2017 where heavy rain often flushed the area of ??Majalengka and surrounding areas.

    "For non-toll road development towards the airport, infrastructure and physical works are targeted for three months in February of March, April 2011. Land acquisition has been fixed all, now only a few areas but already done consignment," explained Aminudin.

    He said, with the progress of the target road into a critical infrastructure to support the operation of optimistic airport is reached. During physical execution, he said, also found no significant obstacles in the field.

    "We are optimistic that this can be completed three months as the contractor said, until now the progress itself has been 20 percent, and already seen the way," he added.

    Just to note, in addition to non-toll road accessibility to Kertajati Airport will be supported also with the existence of toll lanes. Its presence will directly connect the Cipali Toll with an interchange at kilometer 157. It is estimated that the physical construction of the toll road will begin in 2019 in line with the completion of the Cisumdawu Toll.

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