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    West Java Telkom Targets Connecting 500,000 Fiber Optics


    BANDUNG JAKARTA (IFT) - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) Regional III West Java (Jabar) this year targets to connect 500,000 broadband fiber optic connections throughout West Java.

    Deputy EPV Marketing Telkom Regional III Jabar Mohammad Khamdan said last year, already able to connect Indihome customers in West Java reached 350,000 points.

    "The target until the end of the year to 500,000 subscribers is in line with the national target of 5 million connections from the exports of 3 million subscribers," said Khamdan after the draw of Indihome Christmas and New Year, at Telkom Regional III, Bandung on Wednesday (7/2).

    Related to the prize program, according to him, the reward program to the customers is one of the efforts to boost the addition of Indihome connection. People appreciate the program. Like the winners from Lembang and Tasikmalaya at this time draw, bring home Yamaha NMax.

    Thanks to various Telkom programs, he claims, Indihome Telkom is sufficient to master the market share fix broadband in West Java. Telekomunikasi fiber optic used by Telkom is also the most sophisticated compared to other broadban fix technology.

    Furthermore, he admitted, residential areas such as clusters and complexes remain a shot Telkom adds a new connection. Telkom's fiber optic connection continues to expand, following the construction of residential areas.

    "Currently, the fiber optic connection of Telkom has been available for 1 million connections, we will add 250,000 fiber connections this year, hoping the widest range of broadband fix in West Java will be added," he said. Jo

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