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    The National Challenge of National Drug Development


    BANDUNG - Health cost in Indonesia is still very small when compared with ASEAN countries. Thailand, health costs contribute 4.1% to GDP, while Indonesia is only 2.7%.

    On the other hand, the development of national drugs is still constrained by the availability of raw materials, where most must be imported. Beni Research & Development team Neni Nuraini said the dependence of this raw material makes the development of national medicine held hostage.

    "90-95 percent of the raw material is imported, so it is very difficult to develop the pharmaceutical industry if dependence on imported raw materials is still dominant," he said.

    Whereas the estimated drug market and national vaccine can reach trillions of rupiah. In 2014 alone, the pharmaceutical market reached Rp58 trillion. It is estimated that the pharmaceutical market will reach up to Rp100 trillion in 2020.

    But according to him, pharmaceutical development will be more developed for the field of lifescience. That's because the trends cause more deaths in non-infectious diseases. In Indonesia the biggest cause of death was stroke (21%). Then followed by heart (9%) in second and third place is diabetes (7%).

    "Well, Biofarma will be more direct research into life science.We are currently making research for cancer treatment," he said. Jo

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