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    Thematic Tour Packages Program


    BANDUNG- Various efforts made by a number of travel agents to get around so that in the year 2018 or people call it the political year, for business travel with the number of tourists who come remain stable and not affected by the election of Regional Head (Pilkada) simultaneously.

    Chairman of the DPD Travel Agent Association of Indonesia (Astindo) West Java, Joseph Sugeng Irianto said, the travel agent entrepreneurs in West Java is optimistic that the tourism industry, especially travel will occur despite a number of cities / districts in West Java held elections simultaneously.

    "Although in general will have an impact on travel, but we hope not many people are afraid to travel during Pilkada," he said.

    Joseph said it had prepared various programs to attract tourists to travel during this political year, one of them by making thematic tourism packages.

    "The theme of this thematic tourism package program can adjust to the circumstances or events that occur in an area," explained Joseph, during the inauguration of the board of DPD Astindo Jabar at De Paviljiun Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (07/02). (Parno)

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