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    Operation Area 2 Conduct Maintenance and Repair of Railway Drain


    BANDUNG- To improve the reliability of railway infrastructure, PT Kereta Api Indonesia Operations Area (Daops) 2 Bandung conduct maintenance and repair of railway drain, especially in Bandung Station emplacement which amounted to 69 money order.

    Executive Vice President of Daop 2 Bandung Saridal said the series of Movement Checking Activities Implementation of Instant Care (Gempar) is a mainstay to provide security and comfort to people who use rail transportation mode

    "This time we are prioritizing to fix 3 money orders and motorcycle bills that serve to move rail from line one to another, where the current money order is old, some are over 50 years old and this should be replaced immediately," he said.

    According to Sarudal, based on the results of the field officer's observation, the width of the railway line has now exceeded the specified threshold, which should be 1,067 mm wide for the straight track, whereas, for standard turns the track is 1,072 mm with a tolerance of 5 mm.

    "Now, the width of the line is calculated as 1,100 mm.The widening of the rail line is seen at Km 154 + 5/6, therefore we normalized first by welded with a maximum age of 1 year.

    Saridal stated that his office has asked the directors to immediately change the money order, especially the "British money order" which is mostly old age, because otherwise it will disrupt train travel.

    "We are applying the priority scale for the improvement of the draft, while awaiting the procurement of new drafts which are planned to be imported from abroad in May 2018," Saridal said on the sidelines of the monitoring of the draft at Bandung Station on Wednesday (07/02). (Parno)

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