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    Cimahi Could Be Animation Development Centre in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Cimahi nowadays has become one of the attractions for animation industry in Indonesia. It is possible with the resources and animation festival that possessed. Cimahi could be a barometer and animation industry development centre in Indonesia.

    It also received the full support of the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar. After a meeting with Cimahi Mayor Atty Suharti, Deddy Mizwar expressed his hopes that Cimahi could be the centre of animation industry in Indonesia, especially at this time. According to Deddy, Cimahi have been had various activities such as international animation festival, namely Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF), as well as its support facilities.

    “The existed community has been very supportive, then the festival that has been continuously held also present. It isn’t impossible to become a centre for the animation development,” Deddy said after the meeting in his office at Gedung Sate, Bandung on Thursday (11/02/16).

    Deddy also revealed the creative industries development to be able to involve in education with a rake in some colleges in Bandung like ITB and Politeknik Negeri Bandung.

    "I propose that ITB perhaps could develop Digital Art Faculty as had been done in Thailand. I think it is not impossible, if there is a commitment from the community, Cimahi Mayor, and we will support from the province,” said Deddy.

    "Because of the facts, Bandung Raya community in particular is very adequate for the birth of a Digital Faculty and the continuous animation festival and also the existence of a strong animation association that can produce animation entrepreneur," added Deddy.

    Supporting the animation industry development, Cimahi city government builds the Technopark in Baros area in 1 hectare land with a building area of 1,500 meters and consists of 3 floors which is targeted to be completed this year.

    This Technopark will have a wide range of facilities such as studios and production houses, so it’s expected this technopark can be the development of animation technology centre, which is not only in terms of creativity but also for the tourism development and animation business in Cimahi.

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