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    Biofarma Targets 2018 Sales to Reach Rp3 Trillion


    KUNINGAN - PT Biofarma, a state-owned pharmaceutical company, this year will get capex fund of more than Rp1 trillion. The funds will be used to increase production capacity and increase sales of vaccines and anti Sera in 2018.

    Corporate Secretary of PT Biofarma Bambang S said this year the company will still produce various vaccines and antisera with capacity up to 2.5 billion doses.

    "Most of the exports, but this year specifically for diphtheria vaccine for local needs, until the completion of the ORI program," he said in the event mediagathering Biofarma journalists from Bandung and Jakarta, held in Kuningan Jabar, Wednesday (7/2/2018).

    He added that the company's net profit in 2017, before the audit, reaches about Rp525 billion, this year, the company targets there will be a profit increase of 10%.

    Then for total sales, is targeted to increase by 9%. To note, in 2017 total sales reached Rp 3 trillion Biofarma. The company's assets are also targeted to increase by 20 percent in 2018.

    In the discussion also submitted the plan Biofarma that will make various lifescience products for future needs. For example to make anti-cancer drugs and vaccines to diabetes.

    "Next year, bio-similar products such as life science products will be more widely produced because the demand will be greater, both nationally and globally," he said. Jo

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