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    West Java Provincial Government - Coruuption Eradication Commision Continues Cooperation on Corruption Prevention 2018


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) set up a number of corruption prevention action agenda 2018 involving a number of regional tools related to the management of human resources and natural resources (SDA) in coordination meetings (Rakor) for two full days, 6- January 7, 2018, held at the Office of Bappeda Jabar, Bandung.
    Previously, the entry meeting of KPK RI to the Provincial Government was received by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) on Monday (5/2/18) night attended by Head of Task Force Korsupgah KPK RI Jabar Region, Asep Rahmat Suwandha, and nine Regional Devices which will become the point of coordination of prevention of action criminal corruption.
    "The results of coordination with the KPK, nine areas berkucut on prevention in four areas, namely the process of budgeting, licensing, shopping goods and services and human resources. Also strengthening prevention in the existing natural resources sector, "Aher said last night.
    "The budget problem will start in 2019 will be integrated from the start of Musrebang area, the region until the province, Later entered also RKPD online," continued Aher.
    West Java Provincial Secretariat Iwa Karniwa who attended representing Governor at Rakor this afternoon mentioned that the role and function of human resource supervision become the focal point of prevention of corruption. This role is planned to be done by strengthening the institutional side of related technical OPD. "From this meeting the output will be a regional action plan to accelerate the eradication of corruption," said Sekda.

    According to him, KPK will guide and conduct coaching related to the action plan of 2018 from start what to do related service and schedule of action plan.
    "In addition we have received unqualified opinion (WTP) seven times in a row, the provincial government with the best performance, now subtansinya fix the budget to target, reduce poverty and unemployment," he explained.
    KPK itself ensures the prevention of corruption in West Java Provincial Government in 2018 will focus on integration of budgeting. Starting from planning to the process of determining the budget in the APBD.
    KPK Research and Development Director Wawan Wardiana said the prevention focus is a continuation of the prevention program that has been done by KPK with West Java Provincial Government. "Now it is directed to planning, budgeting to be integrated," he said.
    According to him, integration should have started from the district / municipality level until the deliberation of the regional development plan in the province so that there will be no gaps of corruption or corruption. "The governor also hopes that once the budget diketok hammer there should be no more space," he said.

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