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    Minister of Agriculture: The Government Encourages Increasing Agricultural Production


    GARUT REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) accompanied Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture) Andi Amran Sulaiman in order to harvest raya rice. Location of this harvest is located in the Village Mancagahar, District Pamengpeuk, Garut regency, Tuesday (6/2/18).

    According to data received by Jabar Public Relation Team from Head of Research and Development of Agricultural Land Sumer, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Nursyamsi, there are approximately 300 ha of 764 ha of rice fields to be harvested on the same day , the rest will be gradually harvested until the end of February 2018. The rice varieties are harvested dominant Ciherang Varieties and some Mekongga Varieties plus other varieties with productivity of about 8.3 tons / ha GKP or 6.9 MPD.

    The price of grain by the end of 2017 reached 5,800 per kg. Currently the price of grain GKP ranges from Rp 4,500-4,800 per kg, so there is a decrease of Rp 1,000-1,300 / kg.

    In his speech, Minister of Agriculture revealed that entering the fourth year of the Ministry of Agriculture under its authority, it continues to make various efforts and breakthroughs, as well as Government assistance continues to be given to farmers.

    "Starting tertiary irrigation we repair three million hectares more throughout Indonesia, and it's the first in history," said Minister of Agriculture.

    Another effort by the Government to increase agricultural production, namely the construction of various reservoirs. In addition, seed assistance is also provided, until the Government disbursed Rp 2 trillion more budget for breeding.

    "The result is corn that we once imported 3.6 million tonnes Now there is no import even we have exports and also Rice in the third year we have no imports Onions are imported from Thailand, now we have exported to six countries. turbulent, now stable, "said Minister of Agriculture.

    The total area of harvest in Garut regency in February reached 22,972 ha with productivity of 6.9 ton / ha GKG, so the production reached 158,506 ton GKG equivalent to 99,859 ton of rice. Consumption of rice per month in Garut regency based on the population of about 2.5 million people amounted to 28,266 tons of rice. Thus in February 2018 Garut Regency has a surplus of 71,593 tons of rice.

    The total area of ??paddy harvest in Garut regency in January 2018 covering 16,565 ha is equivalent to rice production 114.298 ton GKG or equal to the production of 72,008 tons of rice. This February is the harvest with the widest area, which is 22,972 ha with production of 158,506 ton GKG or equal to 99,589 ton of rice and March 19,242 ha with rice production 132,770 ton GKG equal to 83,644 ton of rice. While the area of ??rice fields in Garut regency is a technical irrigated rice field and nontechnical scattered in 42 subdistricts.

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