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    To Bogor, Aher's Condolence and Ask Society for Alert


    BOGOR REGENCY - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his condolences for the victims of landslide disaster in Bogor regency, asking people to increase their vigilance.

    "First we grieve, West Java provincial government expressed condolences on the landslide disaster in Kampung Maseng, Warung Menteng, Cijeruk, Bogor regency, which is likely to kill five people." Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun, "he said in a press statement in Bogor on Tuesday (6 / 2/2018) afternoon.

    According to him, West Java Provincial Government together with Bogor Regency shoulder to shoulder with TNI and Police in the process of evacuation and search for the bodies of victims. Until yesterday afternoon, from the forecast of five people, has found four people.

    Aher said the local government has sufficient disaster relief stocks, both at the District and Provincial Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

    In addition, he continued, his side with the Ministry of Social Affairs will provide money and finish the management of dead bodies as a result of landslides buried. Then for survivors, it provides medical and psychologists who are intended to restore the trauma or psychology of the victims.

    "In anticipating the similar incidents, we have been disaster mitigation, that the Bogor area is 90% vulnerable to disaster, so our obligation continues to give awareness that we are living in disaster-prone areas, living in young volcanic areas, the rain is high, so it must be especially vigilant who live in critical land, "he explained.

    Not only that, it will also enforce the rules firmly if there are still many people who are desperate to build settlements in the highlands or cliff-prone landslides like in Bogor.

    "The government must firmly enforce rules related to areas prone to disasters, especially the cliffs or highlands that should not be built, let alone to be settled," he said.

    Aher suggested, people who want to build a house should follow civil engineering science. The goal for the building is sturdy and can take into account the good location for the construction of the house.

    "The building needs to be IMB, if there is an IMB, there must be a correction if it qualifies or not," he said.

    Meanwhile, in his visit to the point of landslide on the national road Peak, Governor Aher has agreed on the parties such as Central BNPB, Ministry of Transport represented by the Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Public Works and West Java Police Force, to temporarily switch the current on the national road Peak .

    The line will be diverted through Sukabumi, where diversions have been anticipated along the northern route of Sukabumi-Bogor, especially at the congestion-prone points such as Cicurug, Parungkuda and Cibadak markets.

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