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    Peak Lines Closed for 10 Days


    BANDUNG - West Java Wakapolda Brijen Pol Supratman said the condition of the highway in the Peak area at this time is not possible to be used, especially 4-wheeled vehicles.

    To that end, West Java Police coordinate with the Directorate General of Land Transport Ministry of Transportation issued a regulation that the peak line will be closed for 10 days ahead.

    "For the safety of all vehicles temporarily not allowed to cross this road," he told reporters on Wednesday (7/2/2018).

    Although the surface of the road still looks good but under it there has been erosion. The condition is considered dangerous especially when the weather is still often rain. In addition, if forced to cross the vehicle is feared will cause casualties.

    He added a temporary diversion of traffic flows through the Sukabumi-Cariuk-Jonggol line.

    "From now on we can not stop crossing the Peak area," he said.

    Meanwhile, the District Military Commander (Dandim) 0621 Bogor Sub-district Lt. Col. Inf. Fransisco said the combined team handling landslide disaster on the Bogor-Sukabumi railway track 13,800 km by 40 meters stated that the evacuation had been completed and found five victims consisting of one family as a whole.

    "Evacuation finished all, live how BPBD relocate and other activities needed by local residents," he concluded. (MAT)

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