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    It will Appear Social Problems, If Disasters Not Handled Seriously


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- As the highest disaster risk area in Indonesia, West Java has a high social responsibility in disaster management. For that, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said, if the disaster is not handled properly, there will be social problems in the community.

    "Why disaster is important for us to face, it is important that we tackle it together because it is a source of poverty, when disaster is not addressed properly there will be pockets of new poverty, unemployment, social imbalances, "said Vice Governor in his speech as he confirmed the Management of Coordination Forum for Disaster Preparedness (Tagana) of West Java Province Period 2018-2021 at Rafting Bravo River Citarik River, Cikidang Subdistrict, Sukabumi Regency, Tuesday night (6/2/2018).

    Continue Vice Governor, Tagana existence is very strategic. Tagana has a great and noble social responsibility. "The presence of brothers and sisters is very strategic in social protection of society," said Vice Governor.

    "There is a huge social responsibility that the brothers (members of Tagana) face," he continued.

    There are 1,600 Tagana members throughout West Java. They have attended various trainings at the regional and national levels.

    West Java has become the highest vulnerability or disaster potential in Indonesia. Cianjur Regency has the highest disaster risk in West Java, followed by Garut regency in second place, and Sukabumi in third position.

    To that end, Vice Governor asked on this occasion, Tagana not only can do disaster management, but also participate in mitigation of disaster through environmental awareness program to the community.

    "This (disaster) due to climate change as well as human behavior that destroys nature," said Vice Governor.

    Another thing that the Vice Governor emphasized, the impact of this disaster could affect all sectors, including economic sectors. Vice governor said the balance of nature will occur when humans are able to maintain nature well.

    "Because if we talk about tourism, fishery, agriculture, then we have to maintain the balance of nature, the people should be invited to keep the nature well.When nature is well preserved, then God willing, disaster will be reduced because most of this disaster is caused by human, he concluded.

    Head of West Java Social Service Arifin Aaron Kertasaputra hopes that with the new stewardship, Tagana can contribute more for the community. "Hopefully with this new stewardship bring fresh air, more spirit, more can motivate the friends Tagana district / city," he hoped.

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