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    Aher Releases Status of Emergency Disaster Preparedness


    BOGOR REGENCY- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) released the emergency alert status of flood and landslide disaster in West Java. This status is valid until May 31, 2018, including for the area of ??Bogor Regency which some areas have landslide on Monday (5/2).

    Aher explained, at least 82 percent of West Java and 90 percent (especially in Bogor District) including disaster prone areas. Therefore, people are encouraged to increase the vigilance, especially not to live in the highlands and cliffs. Efforts to disseminate to the community will continue to be implemented as a preventive measure.

    "West Java is a young volcanic earth territory, fertile but prone to disasters, the community can help maintain the environment and normalize the forest area which is the main key in environmental balance," he said in a press statement after visiting landslide area in Riung Gunung, Bogor, Tuesday / 2/2018).

    On the same occasion, Regent Nurhayanti said, which needs to be underlined that it is true that Bogor Regency is a disaster prone area.

    "Of the 40 districts in Bogor Regency, 24 districts are prone to disasters, especially landslides when high rainfall," he said.

    The effort of Bogor regency government is always intensively socialized regarding the preparedness that at any time natural disasters threaten. "Especially people living in disaster prone areas, always alert when entering the rainy season like today," he said.

    He also explained that post disaster will continue to synergize with the provincial and central government in relocating to people living in highland prone areas.

    "I think relocation is a post-disaster effort that has been programmed and it is the last solution in anticipating the disaster to cause casualties," he explained.

    Earlier, Chief Implementer of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Java Province Dicky Saromi said, anticipation of disaster in West Java is calculated from the hazard (risk) multiplied vulnerability and divided capacity. Increasing capacity and decreased vulnerability, it means that anticipation is good.

    "BPBD West Java Province has adequate human resources with the establishment of the task force control center operations (pusdalop) and infrastructure facilities. In terms of technology development, we have an InAWARE application that serves to record results in the field such as the number of disaster victims, affected people, material damage, anticipation of aftershocks and landslides, "he said.

    Based on the Disaster Risk Index (IRBI 2013) of the rate 1-5, Cianjur, Garut, and Sukabumi are in the numbers 1-3 and Tasikmalaya in the number 5. Uncontrollable vulnerability factors such as environmental conditions, overlaid with control efforts of the area settlement, spatial planning, and reviewing the characteristics of the agriculture of the area.

    BPBD Jabar itself has 8 stages of emergency disaster management procedures. First, the receipt of information and data on disaster occurrences from BPBD kab / kota through text sms, phone, and letter of service to the Head of BPBD Jabar or Head of BPBD Jabar.

    Second, the assignment of a rapid reaction team to assess quickly and precisely the location, damage, loss, and resources for a maximum of one day. Third, statement of disaster emergency status from Governor of West Java and Head of BPBD Jabar.

    Fourth, rescue and evacuation of affected people by providing temporary shelter, health service, and basic needs by activating command post and control (poskodal) as well as daily reports of emergency disaster management that takes 3-14 days.

    "Fifth, the fulfillment of basic needs carried out by TRC BPBD consists of related agencies such as Water Resources Office, Public Works Department and Public Housing, and Public Health Service for 3-14 days 6. Sixth, protection against vulnerable groups by taking data and analysis at the disaster site for 2-14 days, "he said.

    Seventh, he continued, early recovery of facilities and infrastructure immediately for 3-14 days. Finally, the emergency disaster management report by Head of BPBD Jabar as a result of recapitulation data of daily activities of emergency disaster management for one day.

    "We appeal to government elements or TRC BPBD always ready for disaster preparedness. Preparedness is required under any circumstances, either in the morning or midnight, to go straight to the scene. To West Java residents, especially those in disaster prone areas should always be vigilant and continue to follow the appeal of RT / RW. If you have seen any signs of disaster, contact the authorities immediately, "he said.

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