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    Provincial Govt Prepares Facilitation in Regent/Mayor Inauguration


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government ready to facilitate the inauguration of 6 Regent/Mayor elected in simultaneous election 2015. The facilitation prepared starting from pre inauguration and oath-taking of the regent/mayor and their representatives.

    This was disclosed by HPU Head of Secretariat of the West Java Regional Government, R. Ruddy Gandakusumah, in a statement to jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (11/2).

    According to Ruddy, during the pre inauguration of Mayor/Regent following its provincial government representatives, West Java has set up various facilities and infrastructure required for the inauguration, such as venues, a whole series of ceremony and coordination with the security forces.

    Regarding to the inauguration venue it will be held at Merdeka Building on February 17th, 2016. Merdeka Building has been designed to accommodate the number of invites as many as 1,500 people, with details of the invitation distribution from 6 District/City as many as 250 people respectively.

    For the accommodation to the invites be borne by the respective district/city, so the provincial government do not provide hotel facilitation for the invitation.

    Meanwhile, Ruddy said that the coordination result with the police force of West Java, mentioned the number of security forces will be deployed as many as 1,500 personnel with the Bandung Police as the leading sector.

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