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    Through Jazz Music, KAI Entertains The Society at the Station


    BANDUNG - Music can not be separated from everyday life, because in addition to eliminate boredom, make more excited, can also accompany the trip. This time PT KAI appreciate the performers of music especially jazz as well as providing space for jazz lovers while in the railroad environment.

    The jazz titles are live music themed Jazzy Station held by PT KAI in six stations namely Bandung Station, Gambir, Semarang Tawang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya Gubeng, and Malang every Tuesday and Wednesday in February. This activity was opened by Corpoorate Deputy Director of Passanger Transport Marketing and Sales, Mukti Jauhari at Bandung Station, Tuesday (6/2).

    On that occasion KAI also invited musicians jazz legend Indonesia ever joined in Krakatau Band, Donny Suhendra, to open the event.

    As a jazz music stage, KAI teamed up with local jazz bands and jazz community to perform at each station. The following bands and communities are: Bandung Station: L'Ninos, Soulnation, Fusion Bandung Community, The Mojos, and Nu Friend; Gambir Station: Chroma-Ticz, Beben Jazz and Friends, San Jose Brothers, One Tone, Concordia; Tawang Semarang Station: The circle, Fatty catty, Zero, Lightning; Yogyakarta Station: Starlight, D'grovy, Jazzy note, Mixolydian; Surabaya Gubeng Station: Soundcloud Surabaya, FjazzC Jazzy Station Project, IHSG Sax Unity, Dream, Dream Fussion Jazz Community; and Malang Station: Saxomunity Malang, Ngalam Jazz Community, Soundcloud Malang, Ekstraversi.

    In addition to jazz events, people also have the opportunity to get a variety of attractive prizes because there are light but exciting games. For those of you who are interested to join the game, the requirement is very easy that simply install and register KAI Access application on their respective smartphones.

    "KAI always presents a new atmosphere to pamper the railroad users. This time, we invite you players and jazz lovers to enliven Jazzy Station event, "said Mukti.

    In addition, Mukti said that such jazz music events as well as efforts KAI to further mingle with all the people so rail transport becomes a favorite mode of transportation of the people of Indonesia. Jo

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