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    KPU Only Arrange APK and BK in Public Spaces


    BANDUNG - APK (Campaign Viewer Tool) and BK (Campaign Material) every pair of candidates for Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java are welcome to be installed in private spaces, of course with permission of land owner. The KPU only regulates the installation in the public sphere.

    It was announced by Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat when opening the Coordination Meeting of Campaign Preparation and Audit Report of Campaign Fund of Election of Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java in Setia Permana Hall Jl. Garut No. 11 Bandung, Monday (5/2). The event was attended by campaign teams all bcllon participants Pilgub 2018.

    According to Yayat, in principle the KPU is very understanding of the needs of paslon. "Therefore we provide the widest possible flexibility and try to minimize the setting," he said.

    Regarding the general meeting, previously restricted to 11 districts / cities that did not hold simultaneous elections, now the Paslon campaign team is welcome to do so in 27 districts / cities.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Accountants of West Java, Edi Zaenudin, who became a speaker informant explained the source of individual campaign funds is not limited in number. In addition, campaign funding resources from political parties or a combination of political parties each maximum Rp. 750 million. While the legal contribution of the other party consists of individual donations a maximum of Rp. 75 million, as well as private group and legal entity donations of Rp. 750 million.

    "Campaign fund management must also comply with legal, accountable and transparent principles," he said.

    He also added the opinion of the auditors did not abort the paslon, but will be a record for many parties because it will be published KPU. (Even)

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